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Howto replace aterm with urxvt

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Installing X is hard enough for newbies without factoring out every single package.

I don't see how the refactoring I'm suggesting implies any change to the process of installing X onto Core. Xlibs.tcz would still be an extension.  For the person installing X for the first time. You would just load Xlibs.tcz as per the current instructions.

Xlibs.tcz wouldn't actually contain anything. Xlibs.tcz.dep would list the libraries and programs it currently contains, aterm.tcz, libpng.tcz, etc. those wanting to use urxvt would just edit the appropriate line in Xlibs.tcz.dep, and some configuration files.

It's probably a lot more work for the package maintainer tho.

Ok. I see now that was a pretty radical suggestion. Xlibs.tcz is quite a nice convenient compact package in fact.

Does anything technical preclude moving aterm into Xprogs.tcz tho?

This would give intermediate/expert users like bmarkus flexibilty in choosing
which terminal emulator they would like to use (without duplication), but without being very difficult for beginners (who would probably choose a tinycore/Coreplus iso anyway).

In fact, Xprogs.tcz.list does actually have it listed, but examination of a running system shows this isn't the case (it's under /tmp/tcloop/Xlibs).

It would actually inconvenience me a little bit because I like running without Xprogs.tcz at the moment, and I really like aterm. That's ok tho, I'll just package aterm for myself from sources.


Just be sure to use our sources, the upstream source has several bugs ;)

 8) I would if I had to and I could find them?

I looked for them here. But maybe I'm going blind.

anyway thanks for the tip, curaga.



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