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Howto replace aterm with urxvt

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Create a symlink for urxvt called aterm in your .local/bin

--- Code: (bash) newbielink:# [nonactive] ---cp -s /usr/local/bin/urxvt ~/.local/bin/aterm
--- End code ---

i guess you mean:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/urxvt ~/.local/bin/aterm

You may also need to change urxvt's term name from rxvt-unicode to rxvt to avoid problems with some programs. One way is to add the following line to your .Xdefaults

URxvt.termName: rxvt

Hi netnomad

--- Quote ---i guess you mean:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/urxvt ~/.local/bin/aterm
--- End quote ---
Type  cp --help  and check out the  -s  option

hi rich,

i never heard of that variation to link a file...
or is there a technical difference i should consider or obey?

thank you for your reply or explanation.


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