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core2usb - USB installer for Windows

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I'd imagine that you could use this direct link (for version 1.4) as alternative.

Mind you it seems that the load balancers of are pretty slow today to work out where to send any of my 'wget' requests.


--- Quote from: nufan on March 19, 2012, 07:06:49 PM ---Is it possible to get a mirror for your program?  I can't access the sourceforge page.  Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Weekly download is around 120, in the last week there were 115 downloads. Most, 38% from US. This is the list of countries sorted by download numbers. It gives some picture on TC interest:

1.   United States
2.   United Kingdom
3.   Argentina
4.   Italy
5.   Mexico
6.   India
7.   Brazil
8.   China
9.   Sweden
10.   Romania
11.   Austria
12.   Canada
13.   France
14.   Slovakia
15.   Dominican Republic
16.   Spain
17.   Netherlands
18.   Poland
19.   New Zealand
20.   Russia
21.   Portugal
22.   Czech Republic
23.   Saudi Arabia
24.   Australia
25.   Singapore
26.   Indonesia
27.   Israel
28.   Finland
29.   Mali
30.   Bulgaria
31.   Malaysia
32.   Hungary


--- Quote from: Rich on March 19, 2012, 08:40:17 PM ---Hi nufan
I just checked and I get the same message if  JavaScript   is turned off.

--- End quote ---

I can finally access the sourceforge page.  It wasn't the JavaScript though, it wouldn't access it whether I had it blocked or not. 

Thanks for the mirrors from those who put it up.

I don't run microtoss AT ALL. Does this mean I'll be punished for using Mint by you guys not letting us have a usb intaller we can use from a distro, ie the core2usb-1.4 non exe. Or do you want me to install windows 95 or whatever it is these days?
I must add that TC is really toppo, but come on. Must I really do this from the confines of the evil corp'?
Sincerely Jxxx


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