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Looking to build up a public term system from microcore

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I can't tell for sure but it seems like the microcore option no longer exists in 4.2. Or maybe it's just been "rolled into" the main installation CD.

Anyway, none of the "stock" WM/desktops are going to work for my purposes, but I'm still hoping I can use TC for this project. I'm building up some public terminals for a small (only 3 machines) computer lab I admin and need a more or less locked-down GUI for it. None of the stock ones will do because of the presence of the pop-up menu, which gets auto-populated with certain undesirable entries (New desktop, App browser, Control panel, etc).

My experiments in getting around the stock WM's so far indicate that evilwm may well serve my needs. It has no menu but yet seems to play well with wbar. But in order to see whether that will be the solution I'm looking for, I need to first clarify some things about building up these systems from microcore.

In my experiments I've used information mainly found at http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:microcore64_kiss_install_guide (these are not 64-bit systems, btw, so I've modified things a bit) and  http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:installing_tc_-_alternate_offline_guide . Those describe how to get microcore onto a HD as well as covering how to make changes to the system persistent. For installing the GUI I've used information from http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:adding_a_desktop_to_microcore .

Some of those pages seem a bit dated, so I want to begin by asking here whether those procedures are the right ones to follow for the latest release of tinycore? Input will be appreciated.


You can start by reading the 4.2 release thread.

Ok. Let me be more specific. By using the directions I linked to in the OP, I've done a sort of microcore installation using the CorePlus CD. I gather from the thread you point out that there is also a Core.iso CD, which I am unsure whether I will need. Should I assume that the installation process will be the same no matter which of the two CD's I use? Or does the Core CD provide some more "automated" way of installing the system?


Core has no GUI,so it is less automated and requires familiarity with the command line tools.
CorePlus is the ISO to use as an installer CD if you want a GUI installer.

Pleas read the installation instructions referenced in the Main page on the website.

What used to be called MicroCore is now just Core. Only a name change.

The wiki pages all appear to still be good, some names may have changed but the techniques are all valid.

The simplest way to your goal IMHO would be to install from CorePlus with some wm, then in the running installation add evilwm and remove the old wm.
Of course you can get the same result in many ways.


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