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Documentation in the works


Please point your flamethrowers towards me when complaining about lack of documentation.

When we first started assembling the parts and pieces to host TinyCore, I was to coordinate the docs. Because of work getting in the way of fun, I have failed miserably in this area. We are working on getting a wiki up and going.

So, please be patient with us and if you feel compelled to contribute to the project, please feel free to contact us. The TinyCore project is all about the love of Linux and innovation. You will find Robert a very passionate coder who loves feedback and ideas on improving.

Thank you for your support.


newbes waiting....

a sugestion is to do a two levels explanations , level one to newbes with pedagogic and clear commands in big thypos and a second level to avanced users in small thypos ;)


now i understand how visitors in dsl down 50% , a lot of people there was working in the dark...thanks to all


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