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Perspective on memory

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I measured how much ram jwm used - 9.7mb - but what surprised me is that 9mb of that is my wallpaper ;)

Brings things to perspective.

That's the price of choosing "form" over "function".

9MB wallpaper??  Interesting, is that one incredibly high resolution picture or many smaller pics all loaded without being used I wonder?

1920x1200 unpacked (1920x1200x4 = 9mb), as it needs to be for X. I'm not that familiar with X, but I suppose it can be either kept in memory by X (ie. when set by hsetroot) or by the WM (when the wm is known to be running for the session).

Hi curaga

--- Quote ---(1920x1200x4 = 9mb)
--- End quote ---
Am I missing something? 1920x1200x4 = 9Mb (Megabits), ((1920x1200x4)/8) = ~1.2MB) (Megabytes)


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