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getflash11 does not generate flash11.tcz

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 :D Hi new tinycore user here... Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I did a fresh install of tinycore but am having a difficult time installing Flash 11.

I have downloaded GetFlash11 through the app browser and run it from the desktop. However, I seem to be missing the flash11.tcz file and do not know where to proceed.

Strangely, I am able to watch youtube videos but any other flash application brings up the adobe download link.

Am I missing something obvious? i do not see flash11 in the tmp/tcloop/ folder as stated earlier in this post.

Same here. Run getflash11 and there is a terminal window that flashes then goes away....

Hi flyinghamster
GetfFlash only gets and packages the flash extension, it does not load it. Check your  tce/optional  directory to see if
it's there. If not, open a terminal and enter   sudo find / -iname *flash*.tcz to find it, then copy the tcz, md5, and dep
files to  tce/optional. Now open   AppsAudit   and add the flash extension to onboot. Reboot and flash should now

After downloading and running GetFlash11, there still seems to be no resultant output. Just like teraflopb, terminal window flash and then nothing. The expected folder /optional does not contain anything additional, and using the search query you gave me comes up only with the result for the GetFlash11.tcz

Unfortunately I believe the retrieval and packaging of the extension may be the problem.

Is it worth trying to use GetFlash11? Is there a good method to manually install Flash from the Adobe tarball?

Hi flyinghamster
It's possible that Adobe put out a new version of flashplayer. I think Jason W once mentioned that every time that
happens it breaks the  GetFlash  extension. At any rate, I suggest waiting for Jason to weigh in on this topic, he
knows a lot more about it than I do,


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