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getflash11 does not generate flash11.tcz

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I use core 4.2rc2 on a fresh partition. getflash11 does indeed install flash11, because I can use it and I see it in /tmp/tcloop/flash11. opera-next and firefox8 run OK.

my comment is about flash11.tcz : it is not generated, it is not in /tce/optional
but if I modfy the script genflash11.sh, to remove the -noappend
"sudo mksquashfs pkg/ "$DOWNLOAD_DIR"/flash"$VER".tcz -noappend > /dev/null 2>&1 || exit_red"

this new line works
sudo mksquashfs pkg/ "$DOWNLOAD_DIR"/flash"$VER".tcz || exit_red
but the resulting files are in /optional not in /mnt/sda6/tc4/optional/

btw: /tc4/optional has read and write permisions for tc:staff and AppBrowser works ok.
the /optional/flash11.tcz is root:root for user:group, but .dep and .md5.txt are tc:staff owner.

I can manage to build myself flash11.tcz, but maybe the extension owner wish to correct the script ;)
Anyway, thank you for the script and your effort to maintain it.

Jason W:
Ok, I think I know what has happened, I will fix it.

Jason W:
Should be good now, try again.

thanks Jason, flash11.tcz  was created OK, together with dep and md5.txt
One more request, please:
flash11.tcz has root:root owner, but should be tc:staff maybe, to show in appbrowser list for ondemand (and onboot)?

Edit: sorry, I tested with a random selected extension, root:root permissions set, reboot again, and appbrowser seems to know /list that extension anyway for ondemand or onboot. which is good to know.

Jason W:
Ok, try again, I added that in.


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