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The second release candidate of Core 4.2 is ready for public testing:

Main theme for 4.2 release is to focus on the Core.
With the Core Project one starts with the kernel (vmlinuz) and the core.
MicroCore is simply the kernel + core.gz - this is the foundation for user created desktops.
TinyCore is simply the kernel + core.gz + Xvesa.tcz|Xorg.tcz + Xprogs + (user's choice of Window Manager) + (optionally wbar.tcz).

The original TinyCore becomes simply an example of what the Core Project can produce, an 11MB desktop.
4.2 also intoduces CorePlus a simple way to get started using the Core philosophy in allowing easy
embedded frugal or pendrive installation of the user's choice of supported desktop, while maintaining the
Core principal of mounted extensions with full package management.

RC1 Change log:
* Updated tce-setup to use /tmp/builtin for embedded initrd extensions. Changed from /opt/tce
* Updated cpanel to only activate Xvesa button if Xvesa is loaded.
* Updated exittc default focus on OK button for quicker use from keyboard.
* Updated mntttol to call rebuildfstab.
* Updated base for move of /opt/.tce_dir to a link at /etc/sysconfig/tcedir which includes the following:
   tce-load, tce-run, tce-setdrive, tce-size, tce-audit, filetool.sh, tce-setup, ondemand, tce-update,
   .profile, tc-config, rc.shutdown, appbrowser, appsaudit, exittc, flwm_topside_ondemand,
   .setbackground, wbarconf, wbar_update.sh, wbar_setup.sh.

* Updated the following system X/GUI extensions:
   Xvesa,tcz, Xlibs.tcz, Xprogs,tcz, fltk-1.10.tcz, flwm_topside.tcz, flwm.tcz, and wbar.tcz.

* Updated tce-setup to write cde info to /etc/sysconfig.
* Updated startx to better support desktop boot code.
* Updated tc-config and tce-setup.sh for refined definition of the base boot code.
  base will now only ignore "user" extensions. Builtins and cde extensions always load as they have become by their very nature part of the base system.  See CorePlus.iso for how it is being used.
  xbase.lst is implemented via our standard lst boot option. But now lst is supported in the cde directory.
  Hence by using xbase.lst a simple standard list file containing only the base X/GUI extensions to be loaded.
  See CorePlus iso for how it is being deployed.

* Updated interface files for supported window manager extensions:
   flwm_topside.tcz, flwm.tcz, fluxbox.tcz, hackedbox.tcz, icewm.tcz, icewm-full.tcz, jwm-snapshot.tcz, jwm.tcz

Files likely in your backup that will need to be updated:

Note: You must recreate all ondemand items. Use AppsAudit OnDemand Maintenance.

CorePlus replaces MultiCore:

CorePlus now sports a boot menu so that the user can easily see the window managers and boot options available.
* Dropped tc-grub4dos
* Dropped tinycore.gz
* Added flwm, jwm, icewm, fluxbox, and hackedbox; plus their dependencies.
* Updated tc-install.sh & tc-install GUI now installs running desktop and detects CorePlus with user selectable options,
  frugal now installs embedded, i.e., self contained in the tce directory with option to skip the boot loader install.
* Updated ezremaster to support the new Core foundation.


RC2 Change Log:

* Clean up of some full paths, adjusted /opt/.filetool.lst and /opt/.xfiletool.lst
* New refactored Xlibs.tcz, Xprogs.tcz so that now Xprogs.tcz contains only FLTK GUI programs. Xprogs is now optional.
* New fltk-1.10.tcz contains only FLTK libraries, required by any FLTK GUI programs.
* New /usr/bin/exittc script to allow exiting WM when no Xprogs are used.
* New /usr/bin/backup script useful when no Xprogs are used.
* Updated .xsession to store X pid.
* Updated tc-config more adjustments for new tce specifications.

Files likely in your backup:
.xsession /opt/.filetool.lst /opt/.xfiletool.lst

You are now be able to use for example, JWM, and no Xprogs.tcz. You would have to use CLI utilities for Core extensions.
* Updated .dep files to include fltk-1.10 libs. You can now use any supported window manager without Xprogs,

Note: With all the structural changes, the required extensions are currently with the release candidate.
Once 4.2 is released the extensions will be moved into the repository.

Excellent! Now I should be able to load Xprogs.tcz on demand instead of on boot.   :D

Running "tce-load -i Xprogs' from an aterm does not update wbar or desktop menus.
X must be stopped and restarted.


--- Quote from: uggla on December 18, 2011, 09:30:19 AM ---Excellent! Now I should be able to load Xprogs.tcz on demand instead of on boot.   :D

--- End quote ---
FWIW Booting microcore way back many releases with the X/GUIs in tcedir one could
boot to CLI and when needed, on demand, run tc-setup to fire up a full X/GUI ala tinycore.
This has been available going way back,  and can still be done with 4.2 core.gz

Why one would want to boot to X without the full GUI support then want to add such from with X seems rather odd to me.
Not wanting the full GUI support would seem to make sense if one had a dedicated use in mind and not want the dynamic features that the full GUI support provides.


--- Quote from: gerald_clark on December 18, 2011, 10:06:25 AM ---Running "tce-load -i Xprogs' from an aterm does not update wbar or desktop menus.
X must be stopped and restarted.

--- End quote ---
It was not the intent. See my prior post. Will consider.


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