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Recommend Linux Admin Book ?

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Hi all,

I want to invest a bit of money on a good Linux Admin book to do some further study.
At the moment my Linux learning journey has been about learning only what I need, to achieve my goal of a samba file server on a bootable cd, which is coming along well.

Its Christmas after all, and I think a Linux Admin book for myself would make a good present.

I'd appreciate any suggestions from the gurus.


When you browse to, the panel on the left hand side of their home page lists "Free Linux Guides" and shows a picture and description of such a book and a link to get it.  You have to provide a working email address and make up some bogus information about yourself for the spammers, but then they email you a download link to actually get the book, for free, in pdf format.  Every time you refresh the home page, it presents a different book and (at least for the duration of your session, depending on your browser settings) you don't have to re-enter all of you information for each book.

I downloaded a -bunch- of them recently, though I haven't had time to actually read them yet so I can't say much about the quality - just that the price was a good fit for my budget!  Judging only by the covers (ok... the pictures and the titles and descriptions) of these books, I would say there are some that would serve your purpose, at least as a starting point... specifically, there are titles re. Linux, Linux Administration and Samba as well as a ton of other related subjects.

There are several PDF viewers in the repo.  I use xpdf.  There are probably better ones.

Save some trees and save some money.  :)

Hi remus

--- Quote ---a good Linux Admin book to do some further study.
--- End quote ---
Good is a pretty subjective term. What's good for one person may be totally inadequate for another.
Your best bet is to Google Linux books. You'll find some are available to read on line or download.
You'll also find some have sample chapters on line which will allow you to evaluate if you are
comfortable with the authors writing style.
The nicest Linux PDF reader I've seen so far is the Foxit reader (foxit_reader.tcz).

H remus
I stumbled across this today while I was looking for something else.
You can read it on line or download it in HTML form for off line reading, the link for the PDF file is
broken. It looks like it does a pretty good job of covering a wide range of topics. There is also a
link should you wish to purchase it in book form.

I vote for
1) isbn 978 3 8272 4296 9 (in german)
2) google


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