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Why GNOME refugees love Xfce

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Interesting reading

There are some untrue statements like "For word processors Xfce ships with Abiword which works just fine for those with basic word processing needs." in general article is OK.

I don't know much about Xfce I did boot into Xubuntu and compared with Lubuntu
to get a feel for it but i am lousy with anything so I fail to know why one would prefer
one to the other.

Cool that Linus Torvalds does like Xfce but does he say why it is better than LXDE?
I have tested Unity, Gnome, KDE, E17 and JWM and maybe IceBox something too

I have no idea what to prefer I am most used to JWM due to Puppy use it,

I know that this is an old thread but what the heck?!

As an OS X user and a short timer in Gnome, I like LXDE. Fore some reason XFCE drives me nuts.


Instead I like more xfce in place of lxde :P

I am so bad at using WMs that I fail to know which I like best.
Both claim to be light or is that lite maybe? tiny on resources.

I have both LinuxMint 12 with Gnome3? and LM12 with LXDE.
LXDE is much faster to load programs. Looks seems to be beyond
me to notice. When people speak about looks of a Desktop I have
no idea what they talk about.

Xfce seems a bit less bling? but that could be me not getting it.
Knoppix have LXDE if I remember. Looks okay apart from them
love to wave and water and explode and a lot of other gimmics

Fortunately I could turn it off.

I am not intelligent enough to use the latest versions of Core or CorePlus.
I barely could use 3.7 something and then I lost the more recent ones.
But I admire that you guys are at it and keep let it coming. So thanks.
I will leave this thread now.


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