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minimalistic pager like bbpager, fbpager and ipager - how did you succeed!?

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hi friends,

last days i tried to config a pager for my desktop environment that uses only few resources.

i use mainly fluxbox so i tried bbpager, fbpager and ipager:

bbpager http://sourceforge.net/projects/bbtools/
with bbpager i developed a nice configuration that fits nice to my slitlist and after it started it works fine...
but the automated starting was the problem!
moving, drag and dop in the pager works just wonderful.
but there is a wellknown bug that bbpager has problems to be auto-started with the windowsmanager
with the help of
or any other way of scripting.
if i start bbpager in a terminal or If i "exit to prompt" and restart fluxbox everything works fine, otherwise seems no successful way,
or do you found a way to autostart bbpager properly.

fbpager http://old.fluxbox.org/fbpager/
with fbpager i'm fixed to one virtual desktop, i can't move to other virtual desktops.
moving, drag and dop in the pager seems to work, so moving over desktops seems to work, but i stay always on the first desktop although the pages displays something different.

ipager http://useperl.ru/ipager/index.en.html
i didn't found a compiled version of ipager and the howto that i found didn't help me further.
with the help of scons.tcz the compilation should work, but i get so strange error messages that i abandoned.

did anyone out there succeed in a simple pager configuration that supports moving, drag and dop in the pager!?!?
every help is welcome, i can help you out with further informations or experiences!!!

hi friends,
due that i had no success in compiling ipager, i converted ipager from a debian package.
it has a high usabiltiy, it's stable, seems to work fine without any dependencies and has nice effects.

it would be nice, if someone could compile it from sources and package it.
it's worth it!

The fact that some funky python script is required to build it is not an incentive...

ipager posted

I've no real idea if it works since I use flwm, please try it out

hi juanito,

great work, i've tested it and your package is 60% smaller than my former binary.
thank you for the acceptance of ipager to the repository!
give ipager a try, especially in fluxbox it's such an enhancement for work and fun!
by the way, what did you need for the compilation?

thank for your help.


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