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TC 4.x Openssl update


Jason W:
I have uploaded libssl-0.9.8.tcz and openssl-1.0.0.tcz, openssl-1.0.0-dev.tcz.  Doing the below should make for a smooth transition for those with existing tce directories"

Go to Appsaudit and do "update dep files"
Go to Appsaudit and do "fetch missing dependencies"
Go to Appsaudit and select openssl-0.9.8.tcz and do "mark for deletion"
Go to Appsaudit and select openssl-0.9.8-dev.tcz and do "mark for deletion"


Then install openssl-1.0.0.tcz for openssl functionality.  The libssl extension will take care of dependent apps library needs.  The dev extensions that depended on the openssl-0.9.8-dev will now depend on openssl-1.0.0-dev as there will be no more openssl-0.9.8-dev, but replaced by openssl-1.0.0-dev.  The existence of the old 0.9.8 libs in libssl should not interfere with building against the new 1.0.0.  Let me know if there are any concerns.


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