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Arslan S.:

--- Quote from: Toshick on October 17, 2011, 09:10:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: Arslan S. on October 16, 2011, 04:24:54 AM ---install Xorg-7.6 and virtualbox-ose-additions and read the extension info

--- End quote ---

I did as you said. But after I reboot, virtualbox-ose-additions is not loaded. I reinstalled it two times, but it does not helped.

--- End quote ---

is it on your onboot list ? if not add it via system tool appsaudit->onboot

Yes, it is in OnBoot list. I've double checked and re-installed it to be sure that it was installed correctly. Can you advice, where I can check "onboot" log? I tried to find it but I was unsuccessfully.

Arslan S.:
check if there are any missing deps and download them
use appsaudit or do it manually

Do I need to install virtualbox-ose-additions.tcz only or I need virtualbox-ose.tcz also?

Arslan S.:
no you don't need virtualbox-ose it is for host tc


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