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VirtualBox 4.1.4 and tinycore_4.0.2.iso, virgin system, no packages loaded.
This behavior does not happen with live CDs of other distros.

After doing a few operations like mounting /dev/sda1, starting the control panel, it doesn't seem to matter what else, the cursor will not go lower than about 2/3 of the way down the screen.  I can
not take the cursor down to the menu to select anything on the menu. 
This is running on Windows 7 Pro.

Under Ubuntu 10 it did the same except the cursor would not track near the top of the screen after starting the control panel. No packages loaded.

If any developer wants to take a look I am willing to arrange screen sharing in both systems but for a listed member of the TC development team only.

If I have forgotten to mention anything please reply and I will answer in the thread.

My hunch is that you are experiencing an issue with the way how the mouse is handled by VBox. There are in principle two modes: 'USB tablet device' or 'traditional PS/2 virtual mouse device'. The former gets enabled when the 'Enable absolute pointing device' box is ticked in the 'System' -> 'Motherboard' tab of the VM configuration. IIRC the default was changed from the latter to the former sometime during the VBox v3.x series.

Furthermore the question whether one has the VBox GA (i.e. guest additions) installed in the VM might also come into the equation. I use VBox a fair bit, but I run TC mostly in "cloud mode" e.g. to undertake a quick test. So I pretty much never install the GA. Therefore I can't remember whether that issue goes away with GA installation or not.

For me the "simple" solution is to just change the system setting to the 'PS/2 virtual mouse', with the "downside" that I've got no mouse integration and need to use the host-key (i.e. the right 'Ctrl' key) to "leave" the VM (which does not bother me at all).

EDIT: BTW, this is IMHO not a bug in the Core. So this thread here should be moved to the 'Tiny Core on Virtual Machines' section, where it could join all the others threads where other users have been reporting essentially the same thing.

Arslan S.:
install Xorg-7.6 and virtualbox-ose-additions and read the extension info

Very cool. The problem is fixed by unchecking 
'System' -> 'Motherboard' -> 'Enable absolute pointing device' in the VM configuration.

Thank you for your time and patience.


--- Quote from: Arslan S. on October 16, 2011, 04:24:54 AM ---install Xorg-7.6 and virtualbox-ose-additions and read the extension info

--- End quote ---

I did as you said. But after I reboot, virtualbox-ose-additions is not loaded. I reinstalled it two times, but it does not helped.


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