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tc 4 and nvidia

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--- Quote from: curaga on December 30, 2011, 01:57:07 AM ---Your card has not been supported by fglrx in years.
--- End quote ---
Yes, from a couple of google searches, I am starting to realise this.

--- Quote ---I advise against the GL output with such an old card; it will be tons slower than XV. If GL is the only thing XBMC can do, it'd be either different player or a newer card.

--- End quote ---
I do have the card performing full screen with the XBMC Linux distro, but I am not sure how it is doing that. I'll check into that tonight.

I use TCL for a lot of other things and have been following the developments very keenly. I want to create a faster booting, faster responding Linux to sit XBMC on. So I'll try the onboard Intel video tomorrow and see if that can offer 2D acceleration.

Thanks for the response.

I have also been meaning to submit a xcompmgr + transset-df extension to the TCL project, so maybe I can still do that at least.

Thanks again.

A tiny newbie question about xorg 7.5 <-> 7.6...

Do I have to uninstall 7.6 to get nvidia drivers to work or can I just install 7.5?


Never mind! Didn't seem to have 7.6 running at all... ran the driver config, rebooted and saw a shiny nvidia logo!  :D YAY


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