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As of TC 4.x, mention Xorg dependency in info file, not in dep file.

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Jason W:
Yeah, but we were now at a crossroads of having to sort out a mess in the dep files that did not exist earlier in 3.x, or at least not to the degree it had become.  And taking the principle of ALSA and OSS of not specifying either in a dep file makes it much simpler to keep things straight with no conflicts. 

Hi Jason W
I'm a little confused. In your original post you said not to include Xorg in the dependency files. About an hour later
in reply #3 you say to remember to include it in the dependency file. If so, I should include Xorg7.6, and if someone
needs to run Xorg7.5 they should change their copy of the dependency file to Xorg7.5?

- do not include Xorg itself (the X server)
- use the latest -libs, -dev etc extensions

Hi curaga
Thanks for the clarification. I'm planning on submitting the same extension for TC3.x. Should I follow the same
procedure and only include the latest libs for that too?

Yes, though I can't recall whether 7.6 was available for 3.x.


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