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As of TC 4.x, mention Xorg dependency in info file, not in dep file.

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Hi curaga
TC3.x does not offer Xorg7.6, it has 7.4 and 7.5. My dependencies can be satisfied by Xorg7.4 or Xorg7.5-lib.

For extensions with a -lib dependency, would it be better to create a Xorg-lib.tcz or Xorg-7-lib.tcz meta-extension which will depend on the latest extension as appropriate and would be used in an extension's .dep?


--- Quote from: Jason W on October 01, 2011, 11:44:59 AM ---Since we support multiple versions of Xorg now, we are no longer to put Xorg-$VER.tcz in dep files.  Instead mention in the info file that an app requires Xorg.  Xorg will be removed from dep files online, so please do not place Xorg in future dep files.  Thanks.

--- End quote ---
Not-Xorg-related: will there be any support for Android?When I try to search something like that, nothing gets found.Maybe there are external repos with android-related package So?

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