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Author Topic: Micro Core v2.1  (Read 4655 times)

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Micro Core v2.1
« on: June 28, 2009, 09:26:20 AM »
The Tiny Core Team is pleased to announce version 2.1 of Tiny Core and Micro Core Linux now posted at:  http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/tinycorelinux/2.x/release/

Change log specifically for Microcore v2.1

* New modutils results in much space savings.
* New changed from using initramfs to tmpfs for better support of df and mount bind option.
* New squashfs module to prevent spurious squashfs errors upon boot.
* New busybox to 1.13.4 - command line history set to 150.
* New usbinstall, a command line tool to install to pendrive, usbhdd, usbzip, or usbext.  
* New upgrade_tce.sh command line script, an extremely conservative batch upgrade script.
* New added modules hwmon & rfkill for better support of laptops.
* Updated virtual hard drive to support persistent home on a virtual hard drive.
* Updated tc-config & tc-restore.sh with norestore moved from tc-restore.sh to tc-config.
* Updated tce-wget, the command line tool for fetching extensions.
* Updated tc-config, crond & sshd moved to after restore for better support of user selected options.
* Updated tc-functions. Added space to end of searched devices for better mountpoint detection.

* Fallback to prior lspci for default detail report.
* Fixed bug in 'nofstab' boot option.
* Deleted memdisk and mbr.bin as they are avilable in extensions.

Note: New minimum memory required is 48MB during boot.

Be sure to grab the new core elements for using X with microcore.   
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