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Howto: Install tinycore linux on a mac mini

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For those looking to use a microphone with the mac mini...

There are two 3.5mm jack sockets on the back of the mac mini:

1. Line-out - three connections - stereo left out, stereo right out and microphone in.
2. Line-in - two connections - stereo left in and stereo right in.

Apparently (I didn't try it) you can use the ear bud/microphone combo supplied with an iPhone in the line-out socket - this is a pain, because it means you have to disconnect the powered speakers you would usually use in this socket.

The other option is to use line-in, but this only accepts a condensor microphone signal, which also requires a pre-ampifier.

A third option is to use an iRig PRE (see google for details) which functions as a pre-amp for condensor microphones for iPhone/iPad. This can be connected to the mac mini line-out socket and the "monitor/headphones" socket on the iRig PRE can be used to connect powered speakers - everything ends up connected to the line-out socket, but it all works.

One thing to beware of if using pulseaudio with the above (on my hardware it shows as "internal microphone") - pulseaudio assumes that the microphone supplies a stereo signal and locks the channels together - with a mono microphone, this has the effect of cancelling out the signal. In order for things to work, the channels need to be unlocked by clicking on the appropriate icon.

The result (as commented by the party at the other end) is very good quality audio with skype.

Edit: In case anybody is wondering, there's some kind of issue with the kernel that prevents a usb headset from working (apparently ongoing for a couple of years) and some other (ssp mode) issue that prevents a bluetooth headset from working (it used to work)


I am lost again. Are  there two holes or 5?

2) which model string did you try pls?

Based on your image ids I think you have only these strings as options?

--- Quote ---Cirrus Logic CS4206/4207
  mbp55      MacBook Pro 5,5
  imac27   IMac 27 Inch
  auto      BIOS setup (default)

--- End quote ---

3) and I assume you could not change the capture settings in alsamixer  the image shows line in or mic (in)

4) so you have powered speakers in the line out mic socket?

5) and for line in, I gather you have no mux showing in your alsamixer for mic volume up?


Hi Juanito!

I got my Core (4.7.1) installed WITHOUT rEFIt on a MacBook Air (mid2011) following these steps:


Of course, I replaced the Ubuntu image with the CorePlus image and it just works! Maybe it could be done on a MacMini too?

Now I'm still trying to config some drivers...



--- Quote from: aus9 on December 08, 2012, 07:36:57 AM ---I am lost again. Are  there two holes or 5?

--- End quote ---
The are two jack sockets, one (line out) with three contacts and one (line in) with two contacts.

--- Quote ---2) which model string did you try pls?

--- End quote ---
I didn't try any model string as it is not implemented for the Intel CougarPoint HDMI

--- Quote ---and I assume you could not change the capture settings in alsamixer  the image shows line in or mic (in)

--- End quote ---
alsamixer shows  <    Line    >    Mic         S/PDIF      Capture    Internal Mic   Rear Mic

--- Quote ---4) so you have powered speakers in the line out mic socket?

--- End quote ---
I have the iRig PRE in the line out socket and the powered speakers connected to the monitor/headphones socket of the iRig PRE

There appears to be an issue with your ids then?

so using the ids showing in uploaded image first page I get ids 10134206:106b2100

I can't spot them in http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids

and alsa info for the macmini 5,3 appears lacking

when I googled "alsa 10134206:106b2100"
yours it the first hit but I looked at the second hit

not knowing you had a CougarPoint you might be interested in the revision number showing in my uploaded image or your image

we have a match of ids and revision number my above link (according to my eyesight)

--- Quote ---Mixer name   : 'Cirrus Logic CS4206'
   Components   : 'HDA:10134206,106b2100,00100302'

--- End quote ---

that explains why I posted the wrong card id

sorry about that

EDIT I can't remember what my first google search was in my earlier post


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