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Is there a method to load persistent tce via PXE with main files?


I would like to use tc as thin RDP client (since 2X thinclientserver PXE became non-free and I have win2008 TS? which rdesktop 1.5 cann't connect).
Who can answer? Is there a method to load rdesktop.tce from my PXE server and autostart it?
Without initrd rebuild?
It would be nice if every client can have config (e.g. for rdesktop) on the PXE, but not in large files like initrd. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!
Sorry for my English.

This is not a solution but you might try using wine to run a copy  of the executable that works with the server.
If you can get this to work then you should be able to start the whole thing from ~/.xsession or put a menu
selection in that the useer can pick.

It might be a good starting point to contact the upstream provider of rdesktop to see if there are upgrades
arriving soon. That would be the simplest.

If you need a sounding board to brainstorm on we're all listening.



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