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Hello all.
Sorry for delay (in years), but I stopped to work on GA long time ago, just after I've make it works. I was not able to make seamless window and so.

I've just installed TC in VBox 4.3.0. There is no tcz extension for it, and using the "Install Guest Additions" from CD doesn't work. One of the reasons is that the vboxadd script uses "modprobe -c" , which is not supported by busybox' modprobe.

So I tried recompiling the guest additions, by running make in /opt/VBoxGuestAdditions-4.3.0/src/vboxguest-4-3-0.It (script Makefile.include.header) wants the linux sources, so I installed linux-3.8.10-sources-env and ran that script. Directory /lib/modules/3.8.10-tinycore/build appeared. The make now complained about the headers, it was trying to find /usr/src/linux-3.8.10/include, which doesn't exist. So I installed linux-3-8-3_api_headers.tcz . I think this should be upgraded to 3.8.10 but for this purpose it doesn't matter probably. I did export KERN_INCL=/usr/include

Make now wanted scripts/kBuild.include, which isn't there, and gcc-goto in the same directory. The scripts directory is empty. It then said "Error: kernel configuration is invalid. include/generated/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are missing. Run "make oldconfig && make prepare" to fix it.

Now I am stuck. In the /home/tc/kernel_sources dir there is a document which looks like a set of config defines for kernel compilation. Is that any use here?

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Mat

Hi MatNieuw

--- Quote --- ... uses "modprobe -c" , which is not supported by busybox' modprobe.
--- End quote ---
There is also a  modprobe  in  module-init-tools.tcz.

--- Quote ---So I installed linux-3-8-3_api_headers.tcz .
--- End quote ---
The  compiletc.tcz  extension includes  api_headers  and should be installed when compiling.

Hi Rich, thanks for the quick reaction.
You're right of course about the headers being installed with compiletc . Shouldn't headers be updated along with the kernel version, though?

Using APPS, I cannot find either module-init-tools.tcz or any module that 'provides' modprobe. If I search for 'provides' e.g. acpi,or i2c, it works fine. This is TC 5.0.2 .
Am I using the correct URL? It was automatically selected as the fastest,



--- Quote from: MatNieuw on November 01, 2013, 12:49:10 PM ---Shouldn't headers be updated along with the kernel version, though?

--- End quote ---

No, I think they should rather be "assorted" with libs like glibc, and totally independent of kernel-du-jour.


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