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rasberry Pi (ARM chip computer)

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You see these ARM chip netbooks sold on the web.

they go NEW for as little as 70 dollars (ebay.)

They use the ARM wm8650 chip which is a chip that runs at 350 MHZ.

This same chips is also used in the generic chinese slates you see everywhere.

I have used these slates and they are perfectly fine.

There is also a proper Debian Linux for this ARM chip. There is also a proper Gentoo
Linux for this chip. So you can use Android 2.2 Froyo or Linux or win CE on these

the extra USB Keyboard/Case is about 10 dollars NEW on ebay. (it plugs in)
(these slates are simply excellent)

These machines use a 350Mhz ARM chip. The Rasberry Pi uses
a 700 mHZ chip so it would seem that it should be ok for Linux.

Here are the free Linux distros for ARM.  ("Debian" and "Gentoo" and "EasyPC linux" and "Angstrom linux" and "Android 2.2 Froyo" and "WinCE 6.0")

Gentoo Linux For vt8500 ARM chip and wm8050 and wm8650 ARm chip machines. (Download List)

Android 2.2 Froyo For wm8050 and wm8650 ARM chip machines.
here is android 2.2 work on my 2.2 just format sd card and copy file to root of sd put in the netbook sd slot turn on install and your done this is the only one that has worked for me all others after install gave me black screen

Debian Linux For wm8050 and wm8650 ARM chip machines.  (Post 1180)

EasyPClinuxFor Vt8500 ARM chip machines. (Bento Linux)
Hard to find.

Angstrom Linux For wm8050 and wm8650 ARM chip machines.

WinCE 6.0


I see that these Chromebooks are now on-sale. This idea of 16 gig SSD chip drives
and no moving parts and dual core atom chips (ultra thin laptop) is very nice.
Reasonable price indeed.  349 dollars.


I just found this, a 199$ ARM desktop comp:

That would be actually usable, with nice specs. Though would require binary Nvidia drivers.

it seems that the Raspberry Pi really comes true:


--- Quote from: curaga on July 29, 2011, 08:23:22 AM ---I just found this, a 199$ ARM desktop comp:

That would be actually usable, with nice specs. Though would require binary Nvidia drivers.

--- End quote ---

That is a very nice machine

Also new slates with laptop keyboard and mouse are now only $89. These are ARM wm8650 slates and i have used them and they are fine. They can run Debian Linux right away. Also Gentoo. They are also 3G compatible and you can plug any 3G dongle over USB or 3G cell phone to get web. (they come with Android 2.2 Froyo)
What also look good are these "Macbook air" china clones at $279 dollar sporting windows 7  OR Linux.


These Chinese Macbook Air clones are very nice at $279 dollar.

They have a 250 gig hard drive with n455 1.67ghz atom chip (64 bit capable and it's own GPU) 1 gig of ram and a remote control and other things and are a lovely design.

When you consider the UK price for a Macbook Air is 1000 pounds sterling against 169 pounds for the china clone it seems china win.

Ofcourse, there are differences, the major one being, in your pocket.  :)


At least we are in offtopic ;) but the price of that netbook looks far too much to me. Just last week I got a Lenovo laptop with an E-350 dual core, 3gb ram, 320gb hd etc for 200e (287$ according to google).


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