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Shared printer setup?

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well done - hopefully this will spare many the "cups misery"

how about user tc rather than lp?

It's intentional, why would the remote printing clients need access to tc's files?

I am using cups,  ghostscript/ghostscript_common, hplip 2-7. I do not have a cups.conf. I only can see a cupsd.conf and a printers.conf. The printers.conf carries all the printer info of the local installed printers from the server.
The clients do not need any printer setup. They dont even need the cups server running. (That´s what I think but I am not sure) The cups server allows you to set it up as "cups client only server config" This automatically turns off all other cups servers running within the network which means that you can not have another local printer runnung on the remote PCs.

netnomad mentioned in his post: "...... should be in the same group, so all users can share....."
Question: Where do you configure this group? In which config file? It is probably not the samba group - or?

I discovered one problem: On some clients (remote Pcs) I can see the printer on the server in localhost:631. I even can print a testpage, but the printer on the server does not show up in my applications such as leafpad, abiword etc. I have no idea why?


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