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Better test before committing...


I feel I had to share this although it's already worldwide in the feeds... it really made my day ;)

Arslan S.:
lol :)

I do not understand this post - Is this a virus?
please explain a bit
thank you

Hi beerstein
No, not a virus, a syntax error in a script. The line in the script reads

--- Quote ---rm -rf /usr /lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg
--- End quote ---
There is a space between  /usr  and  /lib/nvi...   which does not belong there. As a result, you get
rm -rf  // Translation, remove recursively and do not prompt for confirmation.
/usr     // That's your usr directory, don't want to remove that, do you?
/lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg     // This probably won't exist and be ignored

So what should have been a simple and straight forward operation turned into a disaster because
someone added an extra  space  into a command and then proceeded to compound the error
by not testing the script. And if I read correctly, the faulty script was present in two releases of
the package.

Moral: No matter how simple or routine you think that line of code you just wrote is, test, test, test.

And since they were probably not using TC they would have to reinstall or try to recover by rebuilding the /usr directory tree instead of just rebooting  :P


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